SLIMR - The Mystery of Diadem

The whole concept of SLIMR rooted out from the 'girdle' which was discovered in the 1800s. The main reason for the girdle was to pull in at the waist and to make the torso an hourglass shape in an instant, which makes women look slim in their dresses.

The girdle has sustained in trend for over three hundred years now as validated by the historians, just like how fashion has had its change over time, the design and built up of the girdles has had its versions. Today, while the girdles are mainly used for outfits and medical purposes, many women still find its purpose as a ‘foundation garment.’ The current version of the girdle is constructed of stretchy fabric whereas the older generations used stiff bones and metal.

Girdle has never lost its popularity because women are still in awe of the fact that, they can get such killer curves in an instant and celebrities are never the exception of such a magical mystery. We have sold over thousands of gowns with this inbuilt mystery and we consider Diadem to be a girdle expert.

The diadem girdles are constructed from a strong and flexible fabric that is reinforced with metal boning to give the gown the exceptional strength to get that perfect cinch at your waist and accentuate the curve of your hips and bust line. Our girdles come in a variety of styles that have medium to killer curves that fit a variety of unique body shapes.

Every woman is priceless and it’s our responsibility to make you look like a princess for every occasion you show up. The city is now on Gown Fever and we have the most exquisite gowns in town which are incomparable with any other. All Diadem Gowns are powered by SLIMR - an inbuilt mystery that instantly reduces your size and adds shape to your body. You sure are going to stun your world with your magic curves.

Diadem is on a mission to make women transform to Powerful Goddess. Be the first to catch the Gown Fever of the town with Diadems inbuilt mystery. All Diadem Gowns are powered by SLIMR which instantly reduces size and adds shape. Get ready to shake your world with your MAGIC CURVES. Our Gowns give a perfect elegant hourglass figure just like your thought carved out on a canvas giving a beautiful shape to your expression.

Wear your Curve Proudly with Diadem SLIMR gowns. From S size to + size, we define all your curves with our SLIMR mystery.